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Contrary to popular beliefs, adults wear braces just as much as children do. While many people wear braces as children, they may not continue to wear the retainer afterward. Due to this, the teeth can shift back into their old position and develop a crooked bite once more. In other cases, the individual may have always lived with crooked teeth and never visited an orthodontist until now.

We also offer other orthodontic appliances to deal with jaw or bite issues. Fortunately, we can provide braces for adults to help them gain a more aesthetically-pleasing smile. With a variety of options for straightening teeth, we can help patients find an option that works for them.

Teeth-Straightening Options

Some of our available teeth straightening options include:

  • Traditional metal braces
  • Gold braces
  • Invisalign®

Traditional metal braces

While many adults do not like the idea of having metal brackets and wires on their teeth, technological advancements have sped up the duration of traditional metal braces. This means that people do not have to wear braces for as long as in the past. Part of the reason that children wear braces for almost two years or more is that they are not responsible and do not take proper care of the braces. Adults are much more responsible and keep and keep the braces in proper condition, therefore, they complete the treatment faster than children.

In some cases, the state of the adult’s teeth may not be as bad as a child’s and will require the braces for less time than a child may wear them. While traditional braces are a common treatment option, they are just as effective. There are also multiple materials that can make traditional braces such as ceramic or gold.

Gold braces

Gold braces are more than just a color change to the brackets. Gold braces are a 24 karat gold system that is stronger and more durable than traditional braces. Gold’n Braces INC. creates wires and brackets that have a gold finish to make them stronger and more visually-pleasing. Patients who want to make wearing braces a fashion statement will invest in gold braces over traditional options. Since the gold braces are a different material and style than traditional options, we will need to review the patient’s needs before we begin.


Invisalign is a popular brand of clear aligners that many people use. For people who do not want to wear any type of braces or brackets on their teeth, clear aligners are an effective alternative. The Invisalign process involves taking a mold of the patient’s teeth. We will then map out the position of the teeth as they gradually move into the correct position and create a series of aligner trays. The patient will cycle through each tray after about two weeks each time until completing the treatment. Invisalign is a discreet and removable option so patients do not need to restrict what they eat.

Other Treatment Options

Braces are effective in straightening teeth, but some adults may need different orthodontic treatments. Patients who have issues with their jaw will greatly benefit from functional appliance therapy. Functional appliance therapy is within the same field of non-extraction orthodontics. For younger patients, there is always the potential for jaw issues to hinder the growth of the teeth or to cause the jaw to form improperly.

This type of appliance can bring the lower jaw forward to align the bite and avoid having to extract teeth. While a tooth extraction may be necessary for certain situations, including extreme levels of tooth decay or overcrowding, we want to save as many of the natural teeth as possible. This treatment helps with the appearance of the teeth and the overall health of the patient. It can even help patients who struggle with Temporomandibular Joint Disorder, TMJ.

TMJ is a condition in which the person experiences pain in the jaw muscles or joints. This pain can make it difficult to chew, speak or even open the mouth properly. Patients with TMJ can feel pain radiate from the jaw to the ear or throughout the face. The pain can start out slow and will only get more persistent until it is constant throughout the day. While there are various levels of pain for this condition and alternative treatment options, this therapy may be the solution you are looking for. Children who struggle with jaw issues or TMJ will only continue to have trouble as they grow up.

The longer someone avoids seeking proper treatment, the worse it will get. If you are interested in any of these treatments or have more questions, give us a call to schedule an appointment today.